3D Lenticular Picture with Light box


3D Picture with/without Light Box

LPI: 20lpi lenticular film, 40lpi lenticular film, 75lpi lenticular sheet

Output method: Inkjet printing and laser printing

Dimension: 0.3x0.3 meter – 3x1.5 meter

Thickness: 2mm-10mm (without light box)

Application: 3D Decorative pictures, large advertisement,
religion picture,wedding photographing

3’E For Your Business

Easy: Purchase KDX’s lenticular board+3D conversion file + LED light box  print the lenticular board and assembly the LED light box totally by yourself easily.

Effective: Less than 2 minutes printing  and  totally within 10 minutes for one exquisite 3D image with LED light box

Economical: No additional fixed investment, new application with high profit.

Image Format:
All the image format can be used, such as Jpg, Png,   Bmp, Gif, Psd, AI, CDR…
Golden Rule :
Good: Subject is obvious, clear structure with different levels and bright colors
Bad: vertical lines too dense, No foreground and limited middle distance.
effect from 1st step.
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