Lenticular Sheet Film

Glasses-free 3D Lenticular material



KDX use optical grade PET film, coating the UV liquid resin on the PET surface first (resin layer thickness < 0.1 mm), use the property of the UV resin curing when it's exposed in UV light in engraving process, achieve the UV resin convert to the lenticular structure in the PET surface .The whole production process in dust-free, constant temperature, and constant humidity workshop, and use the ultra-precision engraving cylinder, without heating and cooling.

1, Because UV curing process is a cold process. So the optical property of PET material won't have any change during the producing process. KDX lenticular sheets are clearer, brighter, the transparency reaches 90%+. These together makes much better 3D effect.

2, The pitch of every single lens is the same, the tolerance is only 0.1u. So there's no distortion of the image, and no dizziness feeling while viewing.

3, The hardness of acrylic resin with PET is higher , so the anti-scratching property is better.