Metalized BOPET ReadyLam Laminating Film


It is a metalized BOPET based laminating film. The metalized BOPET base film is plasma treated to enhance aluminum adhesion and barrier properties. The final product is non-toxic and environmental- friendly, excellent resistance to tear & elongation.

Features and Benefits

 Excellent performance: Good aluminum adhesion and barrier properties., strong adhesive force with digital printing jobs, effectively prevent the printing foaming and stripping after the die-cutting bump.

 High efficiency: No need of drying and curing after laminating, immediate time to market.

 Energy-saving: Laminating temperature is lower than other thermal film, improve efficiency, save cost.




Flexible packaging


Application Technology

 Laminating Equipment : thermal laminating machine

 Temperature : 90-180℃ 

 Pressure : 8-18MPa 

 Speed : 10-70m/min

 Adjust the processing parameter according to the production job requirement.